The Best Protective And Decorative Phone Cases In The Market

We want our (nowadays) very expensive gadgets to stay pristine so we can extend their usability and have them remain looking as brand new as the day we bought them. Fortunately there are a lot of cases out there right now that will give you your protection and still allow you customization options. From simple and clear to military grade, there’s just too many options to keep track of them all. So here are the cheap and best cases for iPhone.

Speck Presidio Stay Clear Case

For people that still want to see the expert craftsmanship that brings their phones to life, this clear case is simple yet affordable at $30.00. It protects your phone but allows you to see what it’s made of. This case resists turning yellow and is antimicrobial so you can also protect yourself from the germs that get on your phone. It also allows for wireless charging so there’s no need to remove the case.

Best Slim Otterbox Case

If you want a case that’s protective but won’t make the phone unnecessarily bulky or so much heavier when it already is. get the best protection from Otterbox. This case is slim and sleek and colorful even, so you can express yourself while protecting your phone. The basic model starts at $50.00 while further models’ prices go further up because of additional built in pop sockets so you can keep a secure hold of your gadget.

Gear 4 Cases

Gear 4 is right up there with top case makers Speck and Otterbox and for just $40.00, you get the same level of quality and protection with the ability to absorb shock. The designs vary from matte to frosted and in varying colors. They’ve got cases for iPhones and Samsung phones as well, so even Android users can have the same quality protection.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid

One of the cheaper options on this list but with the quality name attached to it, you’re still getting the quality you’re hoping for and more. Though this $12.00 case might not be the sturdiest of its more expensive counterparts and it does tend to turn yellow, it’s still a cheaper alternative for good defense against the outside world.

Speck Presidio Pro

This $40.00 case has the smoothest texture and has anti microbial technology. Don’t be fooled by the bright colors, this case is sturdy with its double layers. It allows for wireless charging despite its medium bulk. This case combines color and protection so you don’t have to sacrifice style for protection or vice versa.

Clckr Cases

These cases offer protection, style and a built in stand for $30.00 so you can enjoy your phone in either portrait or landscape mode. These cases are slip resistant so it doesn’t matter where they’re mounted while you enjoy your media, music or shows. This allows for wireless charging, although it would need to be positioned on the wireless charge properly considering the built in stand tends to be obstructive. These cases have different styles on offer as well.

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