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A Review of the iPhone 12

Apple has been quite popular over the last few years for the premium products it sells, specifically targeting the niche market. Its flawless designs, camera, and top-notch features are what have helped the brand make a name for itself and give tough competition to other brands in the market.

With the launch of Apple’s recent iPhone 12, it would be safe to say that it has amazed everyone with some prominent changes in its newly launched phones. These include its design, screen size, the addition of 5G, and some other additions. Moreover, it is now available in four variants; the iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max and 12 Mini. Among them, iPhone 12 and 12 Mini is available in fivecolours i.e., black, blue, green, red, and white.The more detailed information regarding iPhone 12 is entailed below.

The Design:

The iPhone 12 is the unique combination of two of its predecessors, the iPhone X, and the iPhone 4. In terms of design, some prominent changes have been introduced in iPhone 12 since the iPhone X back in 2017.These changes make it look extremely fresh, unique, and slick, giving it a very premium feel as well. Astonishingly, it is quite easy to operate single handily despite the huge screen size, due to its slim design. The power button is easily accessible and the flat aluminium sides, make the phone easier to grip and the users are less likely to drop it.

The Screen:

The iPhone 12 comes with a 6.1 inches super retina screen. Apple has upgraded the product from 720p LCD to a 1080p OLED high-resolution display hence offers a brighter and more colourful display along with a bezel-less screen. It is perhaps one of the most remarkable displays you can get on a smartphone. Apple has claimed to add a new cover to the display known as the ”Ceramic Shield” that has four times the drop resistance as compared to the previous models. Thus the chances of accidentally cracking of display have reduced in this product. Although the screen still might not be scratch-resistant, a screen protector can always help though.

The Camera:

The new iPhone 12 runs on a 12-megapixel front and rear camera with a few improvements to the main camera, as compared to the recent iPhone 11. The main wide-angle camera is available with a quicker f1.6 which allows a lot more light to come in, providing the user with better low light pictures. Afew major changes have been introduced to the software to upgrade the camera. Apple’s night mode can now be used in all three cameras resulting in improved low-light pictures and selfies along with the new Smart HDR that has enhanced the dynamic range.

Hence, iPhone 12 comes with a slightly improved main camera as compared to its predecessor, with exclusive details in the shotsalong with less noise in the pictures.It is competing quite well with its rival phones like the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra that have remarkable cameras as one of their prominent features too. On the contrary, the lack of a telephoto camera in Apple’s latest phone is quite saddening.

The iPhone is still quite ahead of its competitors in terms of its4K video recording option,as it can capture quite a smooth video, even in low light conditions. The video camera consists of the new iPhone 12 consists of a Dolby Vision High Dynamic Range (HDR) which give better-perceived quality.  Therefore, this phone is a great option for cinematography, video shooting or filmmaking as well.

Battery Life:

The iPhone 12 has the same Bionic processor that Apple has used in the iPhone 12 Pro. It is a strong chip that can handleheavy games or long hours of usage. It takes approximately 20 to 25 mins to charge the battery to 50% which is quite quick, and it can last for more than a day.Apple’s MagSafe charger is recommended for quicker charging since it charges at 15W while the normal chargers charge at 7.5W hence saving a lot of time.

The introduction of 5G:

The iPhone 12 is the first phone from Apple to have a 5G network in it.The performance of the 5G in an iPhone 12 is the same as those of android smartphones, though the indoor connectivity is a bit worse as compared to its competitors. Although Apple might have delayedintroducing 5G in its phones because a lot of its rival companies have already introduced it. The introduction of 5G  by Apple makes it accessible to a lot more people.

But the drawback with the availability of 5G is that the frequent usage of 5G means the battery is likely to drain a lot more quickly than usual. But Apple came with a solution for this problem by introducing the smart data mode. This makes5G available to be used only when it is needed under the circumstance of being in an area where 4G is not available. This allows the charging to last for a longer period as well.

The iPhone 12 is an exemplary device introduced by Apple with a remarkable design and the features mentioned above. The design with the 1080p OLED display takes experience to a whole new level. The iPhone camera just keeps improving in every new model that they release, and you get brighter photos with deeper shadows. These pictures turn out to be some crispy shots that upgrade photography game.

The video recording just got better with the option of recording 4K videos with better stability and exposure. In addition to this, the iPhone 12 can be used constantly due to the longer battery life, without dwelling upon the charging. It saves time and electricity due to its fast-charging feature. Lastly, the availability of 5G in the first phone by Apple is quite an imperative feature of the iPhone 12. This new technology has attracted a lot of consumers around the globe.

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