5 Best Mobile cases under $20

What is your most used item each day? Not your notebook neither your TV remote anymore, it’s your Mobile phone that you can’t get tired of. Almost half of us have a personal Smartphone, and we use it frequently throughout the day. No matter what your phone’s brand or body is, it will always be judged by its cover! You can not carry the latest Apple model and have it worn an old torn mobile case, to save money! This is why we have brought the following inexpensive mobile cases that are just under $20.

1.Humixx Defence iPhone 12 Mini Case


The beautiful and minimal iPhone 12 case by Humixx Brand is taking its place on being the bestseller lists. It is in demand not only because of the minimal body but also because it has passed the SGS military-grade drop test! The whole bumper on this case of Apple iPhone 12 gives you a lot of shock resistance and also shock absorbing abilities. It comes with anti-drop protection that helps your phone stay safe no matter how hard it falls.

The upgraded bumpers give you a strong grip as well. It is a perfectly lightweight phone case that does its job the best, i.e. protecting your phone for only $15.99.

2.YIKATU iPhone 11 Wallet Case:


This phone case by YIKATU that is unbelievingly cheap and comes with so many features packed in it is our second best pick. It is a leather built-in, multi-function mobile wallet case for iPhone 11. This phone case will not only hold your phone safe but will also hold your ID cards, credit cards, IC cards, and cash safe. You can display your favourite photos on it as well.

It comes with a very strong magnetic detachable thin protective cover and a wallet at the back. You can turn it into a stand box for viewing photos and videos.

3.i-Blason Cosmo Full body bumper case:


This beautiful bumper case by i-Blason will keep your phone protected from all sides. A scratchless case option for your phone. It gives your phone a 360 degree of coverage and a shock-absorbent technology to help your phone stay safe in there. It has been tested a 10 feet drop test session, and it has withstood the pressure. The cushioned corners protect the phone from sudden accidental drops. The front side of the case is a touch-sensitive one that keeps scratches and cracks away. The beautiful detailing on the back will have your heart.

4.Spigen Touch Armor:

sturdy phone case by Spigen that will protect your phone at all costs from all sides. Coloured in gunmetal, it has all-new foam technology to give protection from shocks. It is made of a combination of TPU and polycarbonate to give a dual protection feature from scratches and drops. It has raised lips as well so that your camera and screen stay protected.

5.COOLQO phone case:


This phone case by COOLQO is crystal clear and has a tempered glass screen protector as well. You get dual protection of your smartphone from having this case around. It is shockproof and has a 3 in 1 dual-layer on it. This lets the case be protected from a 360-degree side. It also has raised lips to keep your camera and screen protected at all times.

So which of these phone cases are you going to grab for your new phone?

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